Multi-View Spectral Clustering Tailored Tensor Low-Rank Representation

Yuheng Jia, Hui Liu, Junhui Hou, Sam Kwong, Qingfu Zhang

This paper explores the problem of multi-view spectral clustering (MVSC) based on tensor low-rank modeling. Unlike the existing methods that all adopt an off-the-shelf tensor low-rank norm without considering the special characteristics of the tensor in MVSC, we design a novel structured tensor low-rank norm tailored to MVSC. Specifically, the proposed norm explicitly imposes a symmetric low-rank constraint and a structured sparse low-rank constraint on the frontal and horizontal slices of the tensor to characterize the intra-view and inter-view relationships, respectively. Moreover, the two constraints are optimized at the same time to achieve mutual refinement. The proposed model is convex and efficiently solved by an augmented Lagrange multiplier based method. Extensive experimental results on 5 benchmark datasets show that the proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art methods to a significant extent. Impressively, our method is able to produce perfect clustering.

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