Arbitrary order A-stable methods for ordinary differential equations via deferred correction

Saint-Cyr E. R. Koyaguerebo-Imé, Yves Bourgault

TThis paper presents a sequence of deferred correction (DC) schemes built recursively from the implicit midpoint scheme for the numerical solution of general first order ordinary differential equations (ODEs). It is proven that each scheme is A-stable and that the correction on a scheme DC(2j) (of order 2j of accuracy) leads to a scheme DC(2j+2) (of order 2j+2). The order of accuracy is guaranteed by a deferred correction condition (DCC). Numerical experiments with standard stiff and non-stiff ODEs are performed with the DC2, ..., DC10 schemes. The results show a high accuracy of the method. The theoretical orders of accuracy are achieved together with a satisfactory stability.

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