Salient Object Detection Combining a Self-attention Module and a Feature Pyramid Network

Guangyu Ren, Tianhong Dai, Panagiotis Barmpoutis, Tania Stathaki

Salient object detection has achieved great improvement by using the Fully Convolution Network (FCN). However, the FCN-based U-shape architecture may cause the dilution problem in the high-level semantic information during the up-sample operations in the top-down pathway. Thus, it can weaken the ability of salient object localization and produce degraded boundaries. To this end, in order to overcome this limitation, we propose a novel pyramid self-attention module (PSAM) and the adoption of an independent feature-complementing strategy. In PSAM, self-attention layers are equipped after multi-scale pyramid features to capture richer high-level features and bring larger receptive fields to the model. In addition, a channel-wise attention module is also employed to reduce the redundant features of the FPN and provide refined results. Experimental analysis shows that the proposed PSAM effectively contributes to the whole model so that it outperforms state-of-the-art results over five challenging datasets. Finally, quantitative results show that PSAM generates clear and integral salient maps which can provide further help to other computer vision tasks, such as object detection and semantic segmentation.

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