DriveML: An R Package for Driverless Machine Learning

Sayan Putatunda, Dayananda Ubrangala, Kiran Rama, Ravi Kondapalli

In recent years, the concept of automated machine learning has become very popular. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) mainly refers to the automated methods for model selection and hyper-parameter optimization of various algorithms such as random forests, gradient boosting, neural networks, etc. In this paper, we introduce a new package i.e. DriveML for automated machine learning. DriveML helps in implementing some of the pillars of an automated machine learning pipeline such as automated data preparation, feature engineering, model building and model explanation by running the function instead of writing lengthy R codes. The DriveML package is available in CRAN. We compare the DriveML package with other relevant packages in CRAN/Github and find that DriveML performs the best across different parameters. We also provide an illustration by applying the DriveML package with default configuration on a real world dataset. Overall, the main benefits of DriveML are in development time savings, reduce developer's errors, optimal tuning of machine learning models and reproducibility.

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