Recurrent Interaction Network for Jointly Extracting Entities and Classifying Relations

Kai Sun, Richong Zhang, Samuel Mensah, Yongyi Mao, Xudong Liu

Named entity recognition (NER) and Relation extraction (RE) are two fundamental tasks in natural language processing applications. In practice, these two tasks are often to be solved simultaneously. Traditional multi-task learning models implicitly capture the correlations between NER and RE. However, there exist intrinsic connections between the output of NER and RE. In this study, we argue that an explicit interaction between the NER model and the RE model will better guide the training of both models. Based on the traditional multi-task learning framework, we design an interactive feature encoding method to capture the intrinsic connections between NER and RE tasks. In addition, we propose a recurrent interaction network to progressively capture the correlation between the two models. Empirical studies on two real-world datasets confirm the superiority of the proposed model.

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