Information-Collection in Robotic Process Monitoring: An Active Perception Approach

Martin A. Sehr, Wei Xi Xia, Prithvi Akella, Juan Aparicio Ojea, Eugen Solowjow

Active perception systems maximizing information gain to support both monitoring and decision making have seen considerable application in recent work. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a method of acquiring and extrapolating information in an active sensory system through use of a Bayesian Filter. Our approach is motivated by manufacturing processes, where automated visual tracking of system states may aid in fault diagnosis, certification of parts and safety; in extreme cases, our approach may enable novel manufacturing processes relying on monitoring solutions beyond passive perception. We demonstrate how using a Bayesian Filter in active perception scenarios permits reasoning about future actions based on measured as well as unmeasured but propagated state elements, thereby increasing substantially the quality of information available to decision making algorithms used in control of overarching processes. We demonstrate use of our active perception system in physical experiments, where we use a time-varying Kalman Filter to resolve uncertainty for a representative system capturing in additive manufacturing.

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