Diverse Visuo-Lingustic Question Answering (DVLQA) Challenge

Shailaja Sampat, Yezhou Yang, Chitta Baral

Existing question answering datasets mostly contain homogeneous contexts, based on either textual or visual information alone. On the other hand, digitalization has evolved the nature of reading which often includes integrating information across multiple heterogeneous sources. To bridge the gap between two, we compile a Diverse Visuo-Lingustic Question Answering (DVLQA) challenge corpus, where the task is to derive joint inference about the given image-text modality in a question answering setting. Each dataset item consists of an image and a reading passage, where questions are designed to combine both visual and textual information, i.e. ignoring either of them would make the question unanswerable. We first explore the combination of best existing deep learning architectures for visual question answering and machine comprehension to solve DVLQA subsets and show that they are unable to reason well on the joint task. We then develop a modular method which demonstrates slightly better baseline performance and offers more transparency for interpretation of intermediate outputs. However, this is still far behind the human performance, therefore we believe DVLQA will be a challenging benchmark for question answering involving reasoning over visuo-linguistic context. The dataset, code and public leaderboard will be made available at https://github.com/shailaja183/DVLQA.

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