M^3VSNet: Unsupervised Multi-metric Multi-view Stereo Network

Baichuan Huang, Can Huang, Yijia He, Jingbin Liu, Xiao Liu

The present MVS methods with deep learning have an impressive performance than traditional MVS methods. However, the learning-based networks need lots of ground-truth 3D training data, which is not always easy to be available. To relieve the expensive costs, we propose an unsupervised normal-aided multi-metric network, named M^3VSNet, for multi-view stereo reconstruction without ground-truth 3D training data. Our network puts forward: (a) Pyramid feature aggregation to extract more contextual information; (b) Normal-depth consistency to make estimated depth maps more reasonable and precise in the real 3D world; (c) The multi-metric combination of pixel-wise and feature-wise loss function to learn the inherent constraint from the perspective of perception beyond the pixel value. The abundant experiments prove our M^3VSNet state of the arts in the DTU dataset with effective improvement. Without any finetuning, M^3VSNet ranks 1st among all unsupervised MVS network on the leaderboard of Tanks & Temples datasets until April 17, 2020. Our codebase is available at https://github.com/whubaichuan/M3VSNet.

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