Search-based Test-Case Generation by Monitoring Responsibility Safety Rules

Mohammad Hekmatnejad, Bardh Hoxha, Georgios Fainekos

The safety of Automated Vehicles (AV) as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) depends on the safety of their consisting modules (software and hardware) and their rigorous integration. Deep Learning is one of the dominant techniques used for perception, prediction, and decision making in AVs. The accuracy of predictions and decision-making is highly dependant on the tests used for training their underlying deep-learning. In this work, we propose a method for screening and classifying simulation-based driving test data to be used for training and testing controllers. Our method is based on monitoring and falsification techniques, which lead to a systematic automated procedure for generating and selecting qualified test data. We used Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) rules as our qualifier specifications to filter out the random tests that do not satisfy the RSS assumptions. Therefore, the remaining tests cover driving scenarios that the controlled vehicle does not respond safely to its environment. Our framework is distributed with the publicly available S-TALIRO and Sim-ATAV tools.

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