Continuous sign language recognition from wearable IMUs using deep capsule networks and game theory

Karush Suri, Rinki Gupta

Sign Language is used by the deaf community all over world. The work presented here proposes a novel one-dimensional deep capsule network (CapsNet) architecture for continuous Indian Sign Language recognition by means of signals obtained from a custom designed wearable IMU system. The performance of the proposed CapsNet architecture is assessed by altering dynamic routing between capsule layers. The proposed CapsNet yields improved accuracy values of 94% for 3 routings and 92.50% for 5 routings in comparison with the convolutional neural network (CNN) that yields an accuracy of 87.99%. Improved learning of the proposed architecture is also validated by spatial activations depicting excited units at the predictive layer. Finally, a novel non-cooperative pick-and-predict competition is designed between CapsNet and CNN. Higher value of Nash equilibrium for CapsNet as compared to CNN indicates the suitability of the proposed approach.

Knowledge Graph



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