A Novel Structure of Advance Encryption Standard with 3-Dimensional Dynamic S-box and Key Generation Matrix

Ziaur Rahaman, Anjela Diana Corraya, Mousumi Akter Sumi, Ali Newaz Bahar

The study of sending and receiving secret messages is called cryptography. Generally, senders and receivers are unaware about the process of encryption and decryption. Hence, encryption plays an important role in data communication and data security. The meaning of encryption is not only to keep data confidential from unwanted access but also ensuring the data integrity through available way. As the capacity of breaking the security is increasing rapidly, so, the process that hides information is one of the most concerned topics. Advanced Encryption Standard is a popular, widely used and efficient encryption algorithm, which has been used since it was invented. This paper focuses on the AES key generation process and Substitution box. It modifies the conventional key generation technique and builds the dynamic 3-Dimensional S-box of Advance Encryption Standard. The proposed approach suggests 3-Dimensioanl Key Generation Matrix and S-box. As per shown this novel technique increases the amount of time it needs during encryption and decryption. The experimental result shows that it also enhances the strength of AES algorithm. The proposed approach illustrates the theoretical analysis and corresponding experimented results.

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