Region-Based Self-Triggered Control for Perturbed and Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Giannis Delimpaltadakis, Manuel Mazo

In this work, we derive a region-based self-triggered control (STC) scheme for nonlinear systems with disturbances and model uncertainties. The proposed STC scheme is able to guarantee different performance specifications (e.g. stability, boundedness, etc.), depending on the underlying event-triggered control triggering function that is chosen to be emulated. To deal with disturbances and uncertainties, we employ differential inclusions (DI's). We introduce the notions of inter-sampling time and isochronous manifolds to the context of DI's, and adapt tools from our previous work to derive inner-approximations of such manifolds. These inner-approximations dictate a partition of the state-space into regions, each of which is associated to a uniform inter-sampling time. At each sampling time instant, the controller checks to which region does the measured state belong and correspondingly decides the next sampling instant.

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