Multi-episodic Perceived Quality of an Audio-on-Demand Service

Dennis Guse, Oliver Hohlfeld, Anna Wunderlich, Benjamin Weiss, Sebastian Möller

QoE is traditionally evaluated by using short stimuli usually representing parts or single usage episodes. This opens the question on how the overall service perception involving multiple} usage episodes can be evaluated---a question of high practical relevance to service operators. Despite initial research on this challenging aspect of multi-episodic perceived quality, the question of the underlying quality formation processes and its factors are still to be discovered. We present a multi-episodic experiment of an Audio on Demand service over a usage period of 6~days with 93 participants. Our work directly extends prior work investigating the impact of time between usage episodes. The results show similar effects---also the recency effect is not statistically significant. In addition, we extend prediction of multi-episodic judgments by accounting for the observed saturation.

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