Energy Trading in Microgrids for Synergies among Electricity, Hydrogen and Heat Networks

Dafeng Zhu, Bo Yang, Qi Liu, Kai Ma, Shanying Zhu, Xinping Guan

In this paper, an energy trading mechanism among microgrids is introduced to incentive them to share extra electricity, in order to balance renewable energy generation and energy demand at a low cost. However, energy trading might not completely absorb the excess renewable energy, a multi-energy management framework including fuel cell vehicles, energy storage, combined heat and power (CHP) and renewable energy is proposed, and the characteristics and scheduling arrangements of fuel cell vehicles are considered to further realize the local absorption of renewable energy and enhance the economic benefits of microgrids. This work designs a joint energy scheduling and trading algorithm based on Lyapunov optimization and double auction to solve the optimization problem of microgrids, which guarantees the truthfulness of information, customers satisfaction and optimal benefits. The simulations based on real data evaluate the performance of the multi-energy management framework and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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