Review of Consumer Wearables in Emotion, Stress, Meditation, Sleep, and Activity Detection and Analysis

Stanisław Saganowski, Przemysław Kazienko, Maciej Dzieżyc, Patrycja Jakimów, Joanna Komoszyńska, Weronika Michalska, Anna Dutkowiak, Adam Polak, Adam Dziadek, Michał Ujma

Wearables equipped with pervasive sensors enable us to monitor physiological and behavioral signals. In this study, we revised 55 off-the-shelf devices in recognition and analysis of emotion, stress, meditation, sleep, and physical activity, especially in field studies. Their usability directly comes from the types of sensors they possess as well as the quality and availability of raw signals. We found there is no versatile device suitable for all purposes. Empatica E4 and Microsoft Band 2 are good at emotion, stress, and together with Oura Ring at sleep research. Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Fossil smart watches are proper in activity examination, while Muse and DREEM EEG headbands are suitable for meditation.

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