Binding of Endpoints to Identifiers by On-Chain Proofs

Diego Pennino, Maurizio Pizzonia, Andrea Vitaletti, Marco Zecchini

In many applications, identity management (IdM) is used to associate a subject public key with an endpoint at which the subject can be contacted (telephone number, email, etc.). In decentralized applications based on distributed ledger technologies (DLTes), it is desirable for the IdM to be decentralized as well. Currently, endpoints are either verified by who needs it, which is impractical in DLT-based applications, or by a centralized authority, which contrasts with the spirit of DLTes. In this paper, we show two DLT-based protocols to prove the association between a subject and an endpoint in a decentralized manner, contributing in filling the gap of the current IdM approaches with respect to decentralization. Our protocols are compatible with a wide variety of endpoints. We analyze the security of our protocols and evaluate their performance and cost against the common approaches.

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