Data center top of rack switch to multiple spine switches optical wireless uplinks

Abrar S. Alhazmi, Osama Zwaid Alsulami, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, Mohammed T. Alresheedi, Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani

Infrared (IR) uplinks can achieve high data rates, which are essential in a range of applications. This paper introduces a novel approach to enable data centre uplink communication. We introduce a novel method to enable communication between racks and spine switches. In our proposed data centre, we consider three racks, each of which has its own angle diversity transmitter (ADT) that is located on top of the rack. Four wide field of view receivers are fixed to the ceiling of the data centre. Each such receiver is connected to a spine switch. We evaluate the performance of our proposed system when each link operates at a data rate above 2.8 Gb/s. Multiple links can be used to achieve higher data rates using the space or wavelength dimensions. The results show that our proposed system has the ability to work at a high data rate with good performance while using simple on-off-keying.

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