Cost Effective Optimization for Cost-related Hyperparameters

Qingyun Wu, Chi Wang, Silu Huang

The increasing demand for democratizing machine learning algorithms for general software developers calls for hyperparameter optimization (HPO) solutions at low cost. Many machine learning algorithms have hyperparameters, which can cause a large variation in the training cost. But this effect is largely ignored in existing HPO methods, which are incapable to properly control cost during the optimization process. To address this problem, we develop a cost effective HPO solution. The core of our solution is a new randomized direct-search method. We prove a convergence rate of $O(\frac{\sqrt{d}}{\sqrt{K}})$ and provide an analysis on how it can be used to control evaluation cost under reasonable assumptions. Extensive evaluation using a latest AutoML benchmark shows a strong any time performance of the proposed HPO method when tuning cost-related hyperparameters.

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