Orbital Stabilization of Underactuated Systems using Virtual Holonomic Constraints and Impulse Controlled Poincare Maps

Nilay Kant, Ranjan Mukherjee

The problem of orbital stabilization of underactuated mechanical systems with one passive degree-of-freedom (DOF) is revisited. Virtual holonomic constraints are enforced using a continuous controller; this results in a dense set of closed orbits on a constraint manifold. A desired orbit is selected on the manifold and a Poincare section is constructed at a fixed point on the orbit. The corresponding Poincare map is linearized about the fixed point; this results in a discrete linear time-invariant system. To stabilize the desired orbit, impulsive inputs are applied when the system trajectory crosses the Poincare section; these inputs can be designed using standard techniques such as LQR. The Impulse Controlled Poincare Map (ICPM) based control design has lower complexity and computational cost than control designs proposed earlier. The generality of the ICPM approach is demonstrated using the 2-DOF cart-pendulum and the 3-DOF tiptoebot.

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