MAGES 3.0: Tying the knot of medical VR

George Papagiannakis, Paul Zikas, Nick Lydatakis, Steve Kateros, Mike Kentros, Efstratios Geronikolakis, Manos Kamarianakis, Ioanna Kartsonaki, Giannis Evangelou

In this work, we present MAGES 3.0, a novel Virtual Reality (VR)-based authoring SDK platform for accelerated surgical training and assessment. The MAGES Software Development Kit (SDK) allows code-free prototyping of any VR psychomotor simulation of medical operations by medical professionals, who urgently need a tool to solve the issue of outdated medical training. Our platform encapsulates the following novel algorithmic techniques: a) collaborative networking layer with Geometric Algebra (GA) interpolation engine b) supervised machine learning analytics module for real-time recommendations and user profiling c) GA deformable cutting and tearing algorithm d) on-the-go configurable soft body simulation for deformable surfaces.

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