An Adaptive Enhancement Based Hybrid CNN Model for Digital Dental X-ray Positions Classification

Yaqi Wang, Lingling Sun, Yifang Zhang, Dailin Lv, Zhixing Li, Wuteng Qi

Analysis of dental radiographs is an important part of the diagnostic process in daily clinical practice. Interpretation by an expert includes teeth detection and numbering. In this project, a novel solution based on adaptive histogram equalization and convolution neural network (CNN) is proposed, which automatically performs the task for dental x-rays. In order to improve the detection accuracy, we propose three pre-processing techniques to supplement the baseline CNN based on some prior domain knowledge. Firstly, image sharpening and median filtering are used to remove impulse noise, and the edge is enhanced to some extent. Next, adaptive histogram equalization is used to overcome the problem of excessive amplification noise of HE. Finally, a multi-CNN hybrid model is proposed to classify six different locations of dental slices. The results showed that the accuracy and specificity of the test set exceeded 90\%, and the AUC reached 0.97. In addition, four dentists were invited to manually annotate the test data set (independently) and then compare it with the labels obtained by our proposed algorithm. The results show that our method can effectively identify the X-ray location of teeth.

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