Quasi-Orthogonal Z-Complementary Pairs and Their Applications in Fully Polarimetric Radar Systems

Jiahuan Wang, Pingzhi Fan, Zhengchun Zhou, Yang Yang

One objective of this paper is to propose a novel class of sequence pairs, called "Quasi-orthogonal Z-complementary pairs (QOZCPs)", each depicting Z-complementary property for their aperiodic auto-correlation sums and also have a zero correlation zone when their aperiodic cross-correlation is considered. Construction of QOZCPs based on Successively Distributed Algorithms under Majorization Minimization (SDAMM) is presented. Another objective of this paper is to apply the proposed QOZCPs in fully polarimetric radar systems and analyse the corresponding ambiguity functions. It turns out that QOZCP waveforms are much more Doppler resilient than the known Golay complementary waveforms.

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