SophiaPop: Experiments in Human-AI Collaboration on Popular Music

David Hanson, Frankie Storm, Wenwei Huang, Vytas Krisciunas, Tiger Darrow, Audrey Brown, Mengna Lei, Matthew Aylett, Adam Pickrell, Sophia the Robot

A diverse team of engineers, artists, and algorithms, collaborated to create songs for SophiaPop, via various neural networks, robotics technologies, and artistic tools, and animated the results on Sophia the Robot, a robotic celebrity and animated character. Sophia is a platform for arts, research, and other uses. To advance the art and technology of Sophia, we combine various AI with a fictional narrative of her burgeoning career as a popstar. Her actual AI-generated pop lyrics, music, and paintings, and animated conversations wherein she interacts with humans real-time in narratives that discuss her experiences. To compose the music, SophiaPop team built corpora from human and AI-generated Sophia character personality content, along with pop music song forms, to train and provide seeds for a number of AI algorithms including expert models, and custom-trained transformer neural networks, which then generated original pop-song lyrics and melodies. Our musicians including Frankie Storm, Adam Pickrell, and Tiger Darrow, then performed interpretations of the AI-generated musical content, including singing and instrumentation. The human-performed singing data then was processed by a neural-network-based Sophia voice, which was custom-trained from human performances by Cereproc. This AI then generated the unique Sophia voice singing of the songs. Then we animated Sophia to sing the songs in music videos, using a variety of animation generators and human-generated animations. Being algorithms and humans, working together, SophiaPop represents a human-AI collaboration, aspiring toward human AI symbiosis. We believe that such a creative convergence of multiple disciplines with humans and AI working together, can make AI relevant to human culture in new and exciting ways, and lead to a hopeful vision for the future of human-AI relations.

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