AI Governance for Businesses

Johannes Schneider, Rene Abraham, Christian Meske

Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance regulates the exercise of authority and control over the management of AI. It aims at leveraging AI through effective use of data and minimization of AI-related cost and risk. While topics such as AI governance and AI ethics are thoroughly discussed on a theoretical, philosophical, societal and regulatory level, there is limited work on AI governance targeted to companies and corporations. This work views AI products as systems, where key functionality is delivered by machine learning (ML) models leveraging (training) data. We derive a conceptual framework by synthesizing literature on AI and related fields such as ML. Our framework decomposes AI governance into governance of data, (ML) models and (AI) systems along four dimensions. It relates to existing IT and data governance frameworks and practices. It can be adopted by practitioners and academics alike. For practitioners the synthesis of mainly research papers, but also practitioner publications and publications of regulatory bodies provides a valuable starting point to implement AI governance, while for academics the paper highlights a number of areas of AI governance that deserve more attention.

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