Spatio-Temporal Visualization of Interdependent Battery Bus Transit and Power Distribution Systems

Avishan Bagherinezhad, Michael Young, Bei Wang, Masood Parvania

The high penetration of transportation electrification and its associated charging requirements magnify the interdependency of the transportation and power distribution systems. The emergent interdependency requires that system operators fully understand the status of both systems. To this end, a visualization tool is presented to illustrate the interdependency of battery bus transit and power distribution systems and the associated components. The tool aims at monitoring components from both systems, such as the locations of electric buses, the state of charge of batteries, the price of electricity, voltage, current, and active/reactive power flow. The results showcase the success of the visualization tool in monitoring the bus transit and power distribution components to determine a reliable cost-effective scheme for spatio-temporal charging of electric buses.

Knowledge Graph



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