A Workbench for Testing and Simulation Faults in Three-phase Electric Motors with Intelligent Electronic Device and Microcontrolled System

Giovanni Faria, Michel Fernandes Peres, Osmar Moreira da Silva Neto, Jefferson Rodrigo Schuertz, Edson Leonardo dos Santos, Carlos Alexandre Gouvea da Silva

Electric motors can be damaged or operate improperly from a possible set of failures. Such failures are related to high or very low voltage and current levels, phase loss or blocked rotor. Therefore, it is important to protect these equipments through appropriate mechanisms. Alternatively, a workbench can simulate detectable failures related to the engines, allowing to change parameters, in which maintenance operators are able to identify the results of these changes. This work presents the development of a workbench as a tool for testing electrical machines and drives. The workbench is based on the Arduino programming platform (microcontroller system), in which it checks the functioning of electric motors under the condition of failures that may occur in this engine. Motor protections are carried out through an Intelligent Electronic Device (IED), which are popularly known as intelligent relays. The results show the development of a workbench that can test and identify several faults in a small three-phase motor.

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