Exploring Voice Conversion based Data Augmentation in Text-Dependent Speaker Verification

Xiaoyi Qin, Yaogen Yang, Lin Yang, Xuyang Wang, Junjie Wang, Ming Li

In this paper, we focus on improving the performance of the text-dependent speaker verification system in the scenario of limited training data. The speaker verification system deep learning based text-dependent generally needs a large scale text-dependent training data set which could be labor and cost expensive, especially for customized new wake-up words. In recent studies, voice conversion systems that can generate high quality synthesized speech of seen and unseen speakers have been proposed. Inspired by those works, we adopt two different voice conversion methods as well as the very simple re-sampling approach to generate new text-dependent speech samples for data augmentation purposes. Experimental results show that the proposed method significantly improves the Equal Error Rare performance from 6.51% to 4.51% in the scenario of limited training data.

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