Multi Time-scale Imputation aided State Estimation in Distribution System

Shweta Dahale, Balasubramaniam Natarajan

With the transition to a smart grid, we are witnessing a significant growth in sensor deployments and smart metering infrastructure in the distribution system. However, information from these sensors and meters are typically unevenly sampled at different time-scales and are incomplete. It is critical to effectively aggregate these information sources for situational awareness. In order to reconcile the heterogeneous multi-scale time-series data, we present a multi-task Gaussian process framework. This framework exploits the spatio-temporal correlation across the time-series data to impute data at any desired time-scale while providing confidence bounds on the imputations. The value of the imputed data for distribution system operation is illustrated via a matrix completion based state estimation strategy. Results on the IEEE 37 bus distribution system reveals the superior performance of the proposed approach relative to linear interpolation approaches.

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