Pose2Pose: 3D Positional Pose-Guided 3D Rotational Pose Prediction for Expressive 3D Human Pose and Mesh Estimation

Gyeongsik Moon, Kyoung Mu Lee

Previous 3D human pose and mesh estimation methods mostly rely on only global image feature to predict 3D rotations of human joints (i.e., 3D rotational pose) from an input image. However, local features on the position of human joints (i.e., positional pose) can provide joint-specific information, which is essential to understand human articulation. To effectively utilize both local and global features, we present Pose2Pose, a 3D positional pose-guided 3D rotational pose prediction network, along with a positional pose-guided pooling and joint-specific graph convolution. The positional pose-guided pooling extracts useful joint-specific local and global features. Also, the joint-specific graph convolution effectively processes the joint-specific features by learning joint-specific characteristics and different relationships between different joints. We use Pose2Pose for expressive 3D human pose and mesh estimation and show that it outperforms all previous part-specific and expressive methods by a large margin. The codes will be publicly available.

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