V3H: Incomplete Multi-view Clustering via View Variation and View Heredity

Xiang Fang, Yuchong Hu, Pan Zhou, Dapeng Oliver Wu

Real data often appear in the form of multiple incomplete views, and incomplete multi-view clustering is an effective method to integrate these incomplete views. Previous methods only learn the consistent information between different views and ignore the unique information of each view, which limits their clustering performance and generalizations. To overcome this limitation, we propose a novel View Variation and View Heredity approach (V 3 H). Inspired by the variation and the heredity in genetics, V 3 H first decomposes each subspace into a variation matrix for the corresponding view and a heredity matrix for all the views to represent the unique information and the consistent information respectively. Then, by aligning different views based on their cluster indicator matrices, V3H integrates the unique information from different views to improve the clustering performance. Finally, with the help of the adjustable low-rank representation based on the heredity matrix, V3H recovers the underlying true data structure to reduce the influence of the large incompleteness. More importantly, V3H presents possibly the first work to introduce genetics to clustering algorithms for learning simultaneously the consistent information and the unique information from incomplete multi-view data. Extensive experimental results on fifteen benchmark datasets validate its superiority over other state-of-the-arts.

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