Influence of Murder Incident of Ride-hailing Drivers on Ride-hailing User's Consuming Willingness in Nanchang

Guangxin He, Shenghuan Yang, Miaomiao Lei, Xing Wu, Yixin Sun, Yimeng Dang

Due to the frequent occurrence of murder incidents of ride-hailing drivers in China in 2018, ride-hailing companies took a series of measures to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of ride-hailing passengers. In this study, we investigated users'willingness to use ride-hailing apps after murder incidents and users'attitudes of Safety Rectification. We found that murder incidents of ride-hailing drivers have significant adverse impact on people's usage of ride-hailing apps, especially, female users'consuming willingness were 0.633 times than that of male users, such psychological harm is more obvious among female, and Safety Rectification had a comforting effect for some users. Finally, we found that people were satisfied with efficiency of ride-hailing apps, but were not satisfied with safety and reliability, considered them important, female users were more concerned about the safety than male users.

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