Neural Group Testing to Accelerate Deep Learning

Weixin Liang, James Zou

Recent advances in deep learning have made the use of large, deep neural networks with tens of millions of parameters. The sheer size of these networks imposes a challenging computational burden during inference. Existing work focuses primarily on accelerating each forward pass of a neural network. Inspired by the group testing strategy for efficient disease testing, we propose neural group testing, which accelerates by testing a group of samples in one forward pass. Groups of samples that test negative are ruled out. If a group tests positive, samples in that group are then retested adaptively. A key challenge of neural group testing is to modify a deep neural network so that it could test multiple samples in one forward pass. We propose three designs to achieve this without introducing any new parameters and evaluate their performances. We applied neural group testing in an image moderation task to detect rare but inappropriate images. We found that neural group testing can group up to 16 images in one forward pass and reduce the overall computation cost by over 73% while improving detection performance.

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