Two families of Entanglement-assisted Quantum MDS Codes from cyclic Codes

Liangdong Lu, Wenping Ma, Ruihu Li, Hao Cao

With entanglement-assisted (EA) formalism, arbitrary classical linear codes are allowed to transform into EAQECCs by using pre-shared entanglement between the sender and the receiver. In this paper, based on classical cyclic MDS codes by exploiting pre-shared maximally entangled states, we construct two families of $q$-ary entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codes $[[\frac{q^{2}+1}{a},\frac{q^{2}+1}{a}-2(d-1)+c,d;c]]$, where q is a prime power in the form of $am+l$, and $a=(l^2+1)$ or $a=\frac{(l^2+1)}{5}$. We show that all of $q$-ary EAQMDS have minimum distance upper limit much larger than the known quantum MDS (QMDS) codes of the same length. Most of these $q$-ary EAQMDS codes are new in the sense that their parameters are not covered by the codes available in the literature.

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