A Robotic Dating Coaching System Leveraging Online Communities Posts

Sihyeon Jo, Donghwi Jung, Keonwoo Kim, Eun Gyo Joung, Giulia Nespoli, Seungryong Yoo, Minseob So, Seung-Woo Seo, Seong-Woo Kim

Can a robot be a personal dating coach? Even with the increasing amount of conversational data on the internet, the implementation of conversational robots remains a challenge. In particular, a detailed and professional counseling log is expensive and not publicly accessible. In this paper, we develop a robot dating coaching system leveraging corpus from online communities. We examine people's perceptions of the dating coaching robot with a dialogue module. 97 participants joined to have a conversation with the robot, and 30 of them evaluated the robot. The results indicate that participants thought the robot could become a dating coach while considering the robot is entertaining rather than helpful.

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