Extending machine learning classification capabilities with histogram reweighting

Dimitrios Bachtis, Gert Aarts, Biagio Lucini

We propose the use of Monte Carlo histogram reweighting to extrapolate predictions of machine learning methods. In our approach, we treat the output from a convolutional neural network as an observable in a statistical system, enabling its extrapolation over continuous ranges in parameter space. We demonstrate our proposal using the phase transition in the two-dimensional Ising model. By interpreting the output of the neural network as an order parameter, we explore connections with known observables in the system and investigate its scaling behaviour. A finite size scaling analysis is conducted based on quantities derived from the neural network that yields accurate estimates for the critical exponents and the critical temperature. The method improves the prospects of acquiring precision measurements from machine learning in physical systems without an order parameter and those where direct sampling in regions of parameter space might not be possible.

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