Towards the Development of 3D Engine Assembly Simulation Learning Module for Senior High School

John Paul P. Miranda, Jaymark A. Yambao, Jhon Asley M. Marcelo, Christopher Robert N. Gonzales, Vee-jay T. Mungcal

The focus of the study is to develop a 3D engine assembly simulation learning module to address the lack of equipment in one senior high school in the Philippines. The study used mixed-method to determine the considerations needed in developing an application for educational use particularly among laboratory/practical subjects like engine assembly. The study used ISO 25010 quality standards in evaluating the application(n=153 students and 3 ICT experts).Results showed that the application is moderately acceptable(overall mean = 3.52) under ISO 25010 quality standards. The study created an engine simulation learning assembly in which teachers can use to augment their lesson. The study also highlights the applicability of using 3D-related technologies for practical and laboratory subjects particularly highly technical-related subjects. Future studies may develop a similar application in the same context using mobile and other emerging technology(i.e., Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) as well as making the content more customizable. Effectivity of the system in an actual setting is also worth pursuing. The study highlighted the potential use of 3D technology in a classroom setting.

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