Adversarial Attack on Facial Recognition using Visible Light

Morgan Frearson, Kien Nguyen

The use of deep learning for human identification and object detection is becoming ever more prevalent in the surveillance industry. These systems have been trained to identify human body's or faces with a high degree of accuracy. However, there have been successful attempts to fool these systems with different techniques called adversarial attacks. This paper presents a final report for an adversarial attack using visible light on facial recognition systems. The relevance of this research is to exploit the physical downfalls of deep neural networks. This demonstration of weakness within these systems are in hopes that this research will be used in the future to improve the training models for object recognition. As results were gathered the project objectives were adjusted to fit the outcomes. Because of this the following paper initially explores an adversarial attack using infrared light before readjusting to a visible light attack. A research outline on infrared light and facial recognition are presented within. A detailed analyzation of the current findings and possible future recommendations of the project are presented. The challenges encountered are evaluated and a final solution is delivered. The projects final outcome exhibits the ability to effectively fool recognition systems using light.

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