SFTrack++: A Fast Learnable Spectral Segmentation Approach for Space-Time Consistent Tracking

Elena Burceanu

We propose an object tracking method, SFTrack++, that smoothly learns to preserve the tracked object consistency over space and time dimensions by taking a spectral clustering approach over the graph of pixels from the video, using a fast 3D filtering formulation for finding the principal eigenvector of this graph's adjacency matrix. To better capture complex aspects of the tracked object, we enrich our formulation to multi-channel inputs, which permit different points of view for the same input. The channel inputs could be, like in our experiments, the output of multiple tracking methods or other feature maps. After extracting and combining those feature maps, instead of relying only on hidden layers representations to predict a good tracking bounding box, we explicitly learn an intermediate, more refined one, namely the segmentation map of the tracked object. This prevents the rough common bounding box approach to introduce noise and distractors in the learning process. We test our method, SFTrack++, on seven tracking benchmarks: VOT2018, LaSOT, TrackingNet, GOT10k, NFS, OTB-100, and UAV123.

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