SelfText Beyond Polygon: Unconstrained Text Detection with Box Supervision and Dynamic Self-Training

Weijia Wu, Enze Xie, Ruimao Zhang, Wenhai Wang, Guan Pang, Zhen Li, Hong Zhou, Ping Luo

Although a polygon is a more accurate representation than an upright bounding box for text detection, the annotations of polygons are extremely expensive and challenging. Unlike existing works that employ fully-supervised training with polygon annotations, we propose a novel text detection system termed SelfText Beyond Polygon (SBP) with Bounding Box Supervision (BBS) and Dynamic Self Training (DST), where training a polygon-based text detector with only a limited set of upright bounding box annotations. For BBS, we firstly utilize the synthetic data with character-level annotations to train a Skeleton Attention Segmentation Network (SASN). Then the box-level annotations are adopted to guide the generation of high-quality polygon-liked pseudo labels, which can be used to train any detectors. In this way, our method achieves the same performance as text detectors trained with polygon annotations (i.e., both are 85.0% F-score for PSENet on ICDAR2015 ). For DST, through dynamically removing the false alarms, it is able to leverage limited labeled data as well as massive unlabeled data to further outperform the expensive baseline. We hope SBP can provide a new perspective for text detection to save huge labeling costs.

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