DROPS: Deep Retrieval of Physiological Signals via Attribute-specific Clinical Prototypes

Dani Kiyasseh, Tingting Zhu, David A. Clifton

The ongoing digitization of health records within the healthcare industry results in large-scale datasets. Manually extracting clinically-useful insight from such datasets is non-trivial. However, doing so at scale while simultaneously leveraging patient-specific attributes such as sex and age can assist with clinical-trial enrollment, medical school educational endeavours, and the evaluation of the fairness of neural networks. To facilitate the reliable extraction of clinical information, we propose to learn embeddings, known as clinical prototypes (CPs), via supervised contrastive learning. We show that CPs can be efficiently used for large-scale retrieval and clustering of physiological signals based on multiple patient attributes. We also show that CPs capture attribute-specific semantic relationships.

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