Beyond LunAR: An augmented reality UI for deep-space exploration missions

Sarah Radway, Anthony Luo, Carmine Elvezio, Jenny Cha, Sophia Kolak, Elijah Zulu, Sad Adib

As space exploration efforts shift to deep space missions, new challenges emerge regarding astronaut communication and task completion. While the round trip propagation delay for lunar communications is 2.6 seconds, the time delay increases to nearly 22 minutes for Mars missions. This creates a need for astronaut independence from earth-based assistance, and places greater significance upon the limited communications that are able to be delivered. To address this issue, we prototyped an augmented reality user interface for the new xEMU spacesuit, intended for use on planetary surface missions. This user interface assists with functions that would usually be completed by flight controllers in Mission Control, or are currently completed in manners that are unnecessarily difficult. We accomplish this through features such as AR model-based task instruction, sampling task assistance, note taking, and telemetry monitoring and display.

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