Carrier-Based Modulation Schemes Based on Symmetric Switching Patterns for Three-Phase Three-Switch Rectifier

Janamejaya Channegowda, Najath Abdul Azeez, Sheldon S. Williamson

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are the need of the hour as EVs have invaded the commercial automobile market. The Three-Phase Three-Switch (TPTS) converter has features which make it ideal to act as the charging station because of its high efficiency at peak power rating. Traditionally, control of the TPTS converter has been achieved by the Space Vector (SV) based modulation scheme whose implementation is burdensome due to the trigonometric calculations involved. This paper introduces two simplified carrier based modulation schemes, which greatly reduce the implementation difficulty, as they require minimum mathematical computations. A quantitative comparison is made between SV scheme available in literature with the simplified scheme proposed here. The methodology followed to obtain the carrier waves is also provided. All the modulation schemes are validated with the help of a 1 kW hardware prototype.

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