Rewrite to Reinforce: Rewriting the Binary to Apply Countermeasures against Fault Injection

Pantea Kiaei, Cees-Bart Breunesse, Mohsen Ahmadi, Patrick Schaumont, Jasper van Woudenberg

Fault injection attacks can cause errors in software for malicious purposes. Oftentimes, vulnerable points of a program are detected after its development. It is therefore critical for the user of the program to be able to apply last-minute security assurance to the executable file without having access to the source code. In this work, we explore two methodologies based on binary rewriting that aid in injecting countermeasures in the binary file. The first approach injects countermeasures by reassembling the disassembly whereas the second approach leverages a full translation to a high-level IR and lowering that back to the target architecture.

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