Learning Affinity-Aware Upsampling for Deep Image Matting

Yutong Dai, Hao Lu, Chunhua Shen

We show that learning affinity in upsampling provides an effective and efficient approach to exploit pairwise interactions in deep networks. Second-order features are commonly used in dense prediction to build adjacent relations with a learnable module after upsampling such as non-local blocks. Since upsampling is essential, learning affinity in upsampling can avoid additional propagation layers, offering the potential for building compact models. By looking at existing upsampling operators from a unified mathematical perspective, we generalize them into a second-order form and introduce Affinity-Aware Upsampling (A2U) where upsampling kernels are generated using a light-weight lowrank bilinear model and are conditioned on second-order features. Our upsampling operator can also be extended to downsampling. We discuss alternative implementations of A2U and verify their effectiveness on two detail-sensitive tasks: image reconstruction on a toy dataset; and a largescale image matting task where affinity-based ideas constitute mainstream matting approaches. In particular, results on the Composition-1k matting dataset show that A2U achieves a 14% relative improvement in the SAD metric against a strong baseline with negligible increase of parameters (<0.5%). Compared with the state-of-the-art matting network, we achieve 8% higher performance with only 40% model complexity.

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