On Disambiguating Authors: Collaboration Network Reconstruction in a Bottom-up Manner

Na Li, Renyu Zhu, Xiaoxu Zhou, Xiangnan He, Wenyuan Cai, Ming Gao, Aoying Zhou

Author disambiguation arises when different authors share the same name, which is a critical task in digital libraries, such as DBLP, CiteULike, CiteSeerX, etc. While the state-of-the-art methods have developed various paper embedding-based methods performing in a top-down manner, they primarily focus on the ego-network of a target name and overlook the low-quality collaborative relations existed in the ego-network. Thus, these methods can be suboptimal for disambiguating authors. In this paper, we model the author disambiguation as a collaboration network reconstruction problem, and propose an incremental and unsupervised author disambiguation method, namely IUAD, which performs in a bottom-up manner. Initially, we build a stable collaboration network based on stable collaborative relations. To further improve the recall, we build a probabilistic generative model to reconstruct the complete collaboration network. In addition, for newly published papers, we can incrementally judge who publish them via only computing the posterior probabilities. We have conducted extensive experiments on a large-scale DBLP dataset to evaluate IUAD. The experimental results demonstrate that IUAD not only achieves the promising performance, but also outperforms comparable baselines significantly. Codes are available at https://github.com/papergitgit/IUAD.

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