Automating Artifact Detection in Video Games

Parmida Davarmanesh, Kuanhao Jiang, Tingting Ou, Artem Vysogorets, Stanislav Ivashkevich, Max Kiehn, Shantanu H. Joshi, Nicholas Malaya

In spite of advances in gaming hardware and software, gameplay is often tainted with graphics errors, glitches, and screen artifacts. This proof of concept study presents a machine learning approach for automated detection of graphics corruptions in video games. Based on a sample of representative screen corruption examples, the model was able to identify 10 of the most commonly occurring screen artifacts with reasonable accuracy. Feature representation of the data included discrete Fourier transforms, histograms of oriented gradients, and graph Laplacians. Various combinations of these features were used to train machine learning models that identify individual classes of graphics corruptions and that later were assembled into a single mixed experts "ensemble" classifier. The ensemble classifier was tested on heldout test sets, and produced an accuracy of 84% on the games it had seen before, and 69% on games it had never seen before.

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