IRIS: A Low Duty Cycle Cross-Layer Protocol for Long-Range Wireless Sensor Networks with Low Power Budget

Yi Chu, Paul Mitchell, David Grace, Jonathan Roberts, Dominic White, Tautvydas Mickus

This paper presents a cross-layer protocol (IRIS) designed for long-range pipeline Wireless Sensor Networks with extremely low power budget, typically seen in a range of monitoring applications. IRIS uses ping packets initiated by a base station to travel through the multi-hop network and carry monitoring information. The protocol is able to operate with less than 1% duty cycle, thereby conforming to ISM band spectrum regulations in the 868MHz band. The duty cycle can be flexibly configured to meet other regulations/power budgets as well as to improve the route forming performance. Simulation results show guaranteed route formation in different network topologies with various protocol configurations. System robustness against unreliable wireless connections and node failures are also demonstrated by simulations.

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