Secrecy Performance of Body-Centric Communications over Alternate Rician Shadowed Fading Channels

Xiaoqi Wang, Jiayi Zhang, Hongyang Du, Ning Wang, Bo Ai

In this paper, we investigate the physical layer security over the Alternate Rician Shadowed fading channel, which is a novel channel model for body-centric wireless links and land mobile satellite. We derive exact closed-form expressions for the average secrecy capacity (ASC), secrecy outage probability (SOP), and probability of non-zero secrecy capacity (PNZ) for two cases: (i) m is a positive real number and (ii) m is a positive integer number, where m describes the level of fluctuation of the line-of-sight component. In the first case, SOP is derived in terms of the Meijer's G-function, while ASC and PNZ are derived in terms of the multivariate Fox's H-function. In the second case, ASC is derived in terms of the Meijer's G-function, while SOP and PNZ are derived in terms of elementary functions. In addition, we derive the asymptotic ASC, SOP and PNZ expressions which all match well the exact ones at high values of signal-to-noise ratio, respectively. The capacity slope of asymptotic ASC and the secrecy diversity order of asymptotic SOP have been derived for providing more physical insights. Finally, the accuracy of our derived expressions is validated by Monte-Carlo simulations.

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