Dynamic Image for 3D MRI Image Alzheimer's Disease Classification

Xin Xing, Gongbo Liang, Hunter Blanton, Muhammad Usman Rafique, Chris Wang, Ai-Ling Lin, Nathan Jacobs

We propose to apply a 2D CNN architecture to 3D MRI image Alzheimer's disease classification. Training a 3D convolutional neural network (CNN) is time-consuming and computationally expensive. We make use of approximate rank pooling to transform the 3D MRI image volume into a 2D image to use as input to a 2D CNN. We show our proposed CNN model achieves $9.5\%$ better Alzheimer's disease classification accuracy than the baseline 3D models. We also show that our method allows for efficient training, requiring only 20% of the training time compared to 3D CNN models. The code is available online: https://github.com/UkyVision/alzheimer-project.

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