Depression Status Estimation by Deep Learning based Hybrid Multi-Modal Fusion Model

Hrithwik Shalu, Harikrishnan P, Hari Sankar CN, Akash Das, Saptarshi Majumder, Arnhav Datar, Subin Mathew MS, Anugyan Das, Juned Kadiwala

Preliminary detection of mild depression could immensely help in effective treatment of the common mental health disorder. Due to the lack of proper awareness and the ample mix of stigmas and misconceptions present within the society, mental health status estimation has become a truly difficult task. Due to the immense variations in character level traits from person to person, traditional deep learning methods fail to generalize in a real world setting. In our study we aim to create a human allied AI workflow which could efficiently adapt to specific users and effectively perform in real world scenarios. We propose a Hybrid deep learning approach that combines the essence of one shot learning, classical supervised deep learning methods and human allied interactions for adaptation. In order to capture maximum information and make efficient diagnosis video, audio, and text modalities are utilized. Our Hybrid Fusion model achieved a high accuracy of 96.3% on the Dataset; and attained an AUC of 0.9682 which proves its robustness in discriminating classes in complex real-world scenarios making sure that no cases of mild depression are missed during diagnosis. The proposed method is deployed in a cloud-based smartphone application for robust testing. With user-specific adaptations and state of the art methodologies, we present a state-of-the-art model with user friendly experience.

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